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The following equipment is available for immediate sale:

One (1) used 2007 Presstek 34 DI-E digital press with heavy paper kit.

  • Approximately 850,000 impressions

One (1) used 2006 Komori LS 840P+C eight color, 40 inch convertible perfecting (8/0,4/4) printing press.

  • In-line tower coater
  • Komorimatic “Delta” dampening system
  • Aqueous coating infrared drying system
  • All standard and accessory equipment
  • 70 million impressions

One (1) Used (2008) Rollem PB-15 Automatic Drilling Machine s/n: PB15070811485 which includes the following:

  • Drilling Heads with Cooling and Lubricating
  • Set of Spacers for 3:1 Application
  • Set of Spacers for 4:1 Application

Complete with all standard & accessory equipment. (SLIGHTLY USED IN THE PAST 2 YEARS)

One (1) Used (2007) B&R Moll Regal Folder Gluer s/n: BF1002-4007 which includes two (2) plates & the following:

  • 30" Versa Fold with Tipper Plate s/n: VSTP104907
  • Dial-A-Stack with Batch Counter s/n: NST1162-07
  • Four Line Hot Melt System s/n: 4GBD2-F

Complete with all standard & accessory equipment.

One (1) Used (2007) B&R Moll Regal Gluer/Tipper Plate s/n: NRESP1038-07 which includes the following:

  • Dial-A-Stack with batch counter s/n: NST1160-07
  • Versa Fold Model STPG s/n: VSTPG1026-07
  • Dynamini Glue System w/ two (2) 8' Hoses & two heads s/n: 172180-B
  • Dynamini Glue System w/ two (2) 10' Hoses & two heads s/n: 172180-C

Immediately available, please call 973.492.5300 for pictures and pricing.

This section is updated as equipment becomes available.

Please check back for updates.